Thursday, 31 July 2008

In The Beginning Was The Word. Or, What’s In A Name?

According to a small book published in 1929, our names carry vibrations which strongly affect the development of our personalities and the events that we experience during our lives.

Veolita Parke Boyle, the author of the book (Fundamental Principles Of Yi-King, Tao: The Cabbalas Of Egypt And The Hebrews) asserts that the universe operates according to energy vibrations, and that each form vibrates at a particular frequency. Letters are considered no exception to this, as each on its own and spoken together as a word forms a particular sound, which invokes a particular vibrational frequency.

Our names, always associated with us, ensure that their particular vibrations remain connected to us. These vibrations, in turn, attract life circumstances to us that resonate with the same frequency. The system outlined by Veolita Parke Boyle argues that it is possible to manifest different circumstances by changing one’s name, although she cautions that this does not imply that no effort will ever be required again. Instead, changing one’s name to a vibration more favourable to what one intends to manifest would eliminate unnecessary struggle and busywork, although inspired action would still be required.

This system is considered completely different from numerology. For example, first names and surnames are not reduced to a single digit, but are treated separately (although the effect of each on the whole is considered). Each name also has an undertone, which is worked out mathematically from the name’s primary tone, and which can modify the effect of the primary tone in either a positive or negative direction.

Laurence Y Payg (pronounced “page”) has been featured on TV a lot in the last week or so here in the UK, as the country’s only professional analyser of names using the method outlined by Veolita Parke Boyle. He is famous for changing Laura Hollins’ name to Agyness Deyn (pronounced “Agnes Dean”), whose subsequent success as a supermodel is attributed to the choice of a name more vibrationally aligned to success.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this… do you think our names have their own vibrations as the theory states? Or is it that changing our names leads us to think differently about ourselves, and those thoughts change our intentions and what we manifest into our lives?


Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

I definitely think there's something to this, Mags! Spirit Guides often communicate their energy through particular vowel or consonant sounds or names.

I remember, too, my daughter pretty much named herself - "Natalie" just popped into my head, and that was the end of any baby-name discussion, because the resonance just felt right.


Irene | Light Beckons said...

Hi Mags,

It's interesting to read this from the western perspective of things. I'm Chinese, and I have friends who've changed their Chinese names hoping that will bring luck and prosperity into their lives. Often, they take into account the number of caligraphy strokes, the meaning of the word and the way it sounds before they decide what's best for them. No one really talks about energy here nor see it that way, but I do believe that if they feel good about their new names, they may actually be attracting some good energies - and that's why it works!

People don't call me by my Chinese name a lot. My English name means "peace", given by loving parents -- that's gotta do!

Thanks for the interesting post. :)

Akemi "spiritual entrepreneur" - Yes to Me said...

As you know, I am bilingual (English and Japanese) and I'm always interested in the relationship of language (including names) and energy.
It seems to me that it's the energy, like intention behind the words, that matters, not the sounds. I still make singular - plural rule mistakes, and my pronunciation is not spotlessly perfect, but Spirit doesn't seem to care :)
But I'm open to hear any opinion to this -- very interesting topic!

Evelyn Lim said...

As a Chinese, I've also noted how some of my friends make a name change for a change in luck. Does it really work? I don't know.

One thing though. They seem to become more positive. Maybe this is when like attracts like. Positive energy attracts more positive energy, creating the change necessary for my friends.

Akemi - Yes to Me said...


I was going to add to my comment that, to me, letters don't seem to matter. . . Andrea doesn't know how to write my name in the original Chinese characters, and she has no problem reading my soul.

Now I'm reading her and Irene and Evelyn's comments, and yes, a lot of Japanese change names for better luck . . . Hmm, interesting topic.

I personally don't like the confusing spelling so much, though.

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Andrea - Yes, certain sounds seem to have a deep spiritual resonance. I'm thinking here of sounds like "om" for example (especially the way my yoga teacher in SA used to say it... it was so rich and really felt like she was getting in touch with the core of the universe!).

I've always found the idea of names and how they resonate with us interesting. My mom was very undecided about my name when I was born, and it just never felt like it "fit" properly, whereas Mags (my nickname) seems just right :).

Natalie is a beautiful name, and how wonderful that she was able to name herself like that.

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Irene - Thank you for the fascinating look into what Chinese people take into account when changing their names.

Peace... yes, that fits with the "softness" and gentleness I feel when I read your blog :).

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Akemi - Thank you for bringing that up. Yes, intention is important... I've sometimes become stuck on the wording of an intention or affirmation, for example, and my guides will then gently remind me that the exact wording is less important than the energy behind what I'm trying to convey :)

That said, as I mentioned in my comment to Andrea above, there do seem to be some sounds that invoke a particular resonance. Maybe there are some "universal" sounds that transcend our day-to-day speech and which apply regardless of what one's home language is?

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Evelyn - As I'm reading through all the comments and thinking about this more, I wonder if it's a combination of things, all of which build on and resonate with each other? In other words, maybe each name does have a specific frequency caused by the sounds, and as we start connecting those sounds with us they lead us to feel more positive, so that both the name's own vibration plus our added amplification of that via our positive thoughts leads to new experiences manifesting in our lives.

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Hi Akemi

The system outlined in the book and which Laurence Payg uses, does place importance on different letters - some are good (more aligned with success) and others less so. That's why Laurence's own surname is spelled as is (and why he has a middle initial Y that is just an initial) and why Agyness Deyn also has such unusual spelling... the letter Y is one of the good ones apparently!

Yet, you make a valid point: do individual letters really matter? If it is the sound that is important, when we say Agyness' name out loud, for example, it sounds the same whether it is spelled in an unusual or more conventional way. I suppose, though, that the individual letters do contribute to the overall mathematical calculation of the name's number, so "Agnes" would have a different number to "Agyness", which would supposedly affect the name's overall vibration according to this system.

Yet... it seems to me that it is possible to connect with someone's soul regardless of the individual letters in their name. Very interesting indeed!