Thursday, 3 July 2008

And The Award Goes To…

I’m very grateful to Louise from Island Wench for honouring me with a Sweet Home Blog Award for sharing beauty, love and joy with the blogosphere.

In the spirit of the award, here are five sites that I’d like to present with the award to thank the authors for the inspiration, warmth and wisdom that they share with their readers:

Andrea Hess at Empowered Soul writes beautiful, loving and practical articles about intuition, our higher self and connecting with spirit. Andrea’s humanity and spirit shine through in her work and in her willingness to engage with readers.

Slade Roberson at Shift Your Spirits shares a wealth of information related to communicating with spirit guides and developing your intuition. Slade’s articles are insightful and thought-provoking to read.

Christine Kane is a singer-songwriter who also blogs about creativity and conscious and courageous living. I found Christine’s blog before I had heard her wonderful music, but now I’m a fan of both!

Mark Penta is the proprietor of Creative Journey Café, a virtual space in which we all get to gather and enjoy creative inspiration and to chat about our spiritual journeys over a cup of coffee. Mark describes the Café as “laid-back, positive, friendly, cozy, even magical. It’s a place you can visit 24/7, and you’ll always find a comfortable seat.” – I agree!

Marlina blogs about growth, happiness and inspiration at Growing Happiness. In addition to the eclectic and interesting posts, Marlina’s site is also illustrated with gorgeous doodles!


Uncle Che said...

wow, I got this award too from Liza for holding the hands of newbiews and teaching them how to run a blog of their own.

I am very happy

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Congratulations, Uncle Che - well done!

Mark - Creative Journey Cafe said...

You just made my day, Mags. Thank you!

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

A pleasure, Mark! Thanks for the virtual coffee and the very real interesting discussions!

Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

Wow, Mags! Thank you so much, I so appreciate the mention!