Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Art And Science Of Woo-Woo

Hello. My name is Mags and I am woo-woo. My sixth sense is just as useful in my life as my other five senses are, my heart is just as important as my head, and the spiritual world is just as real to me as the physical one.

To skeptics, the fact that I believe in things that they cannot see and see things in which they don’t believe, makes me irrational and gullible. I prefer the term open-minded :) . After all, what is considered acceptable scientific knowledge today was often ridiculed in years gone by before scientific tests caught up to people’s experiences.

Far from dismissing science, however, I embrace it. I come from an extended family that is pretty evenly divided between skeptics and psychics. Let’s just say that family gatherings were always very lively and full of debate! While each side would argue their case, I’d often find myself adopting a more balanced viewpoint, and integrating information from both camps. Science and psi can exist harmoniously side-by-side.

It is the aim of this site to encourage this peaceful coexistence, through exploring an eclectic mix of topics in both fields and at the intersection of the two. The articles on this site are written in a genuine spirit of enquiry, as much to help me understand my own experiences of this wonderful thing called the universe as to allow others to use the information presented in whichever way is helpful to them in their own journeys. In this endeavour, I am always happy to consider alternative viewpoints and explanations, and as such you are more than welcome to contact me (woowoowisdom[at]gmail[dot]com) with questions or information that I and others may find helpful and interesting. That said, here’s a caveat: I have my own beliefs and opinions, of course. Who doesn’t?! I have been known to change my mind (I am open-minded, after all!), but I rarely do so as a result of abuse. Who does?! It is my hope that we can explore these topics together, treating each other in a respectful and loving manner, regardless of whether our beliefs are in alignment or not.

Thank you for visiting. Now, let’s go and have some fun. Woo-woo!


Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Mags!

I have a background in Science and have been thrilled by the many wonderful technologies it has made available to us. I also find its methods of reasoning and investigation useful but I realize they are incomplete.

My Catholic background encouraged me to explore other spiritualities and philosophies simply because I found it incomplete too :-)

I feel very fortunate to have come to this point in my life where I can enable all these different traditions, methodologies and philosophies to guide and inform me rather than hold me hostage to any one of them.

I continue to explore more freely/fearlessly finding great nuggets of truth in almost everything I encounter.

It's lovely to see a blog like yours. I hope many will enjoy it and learn from what you have to share! Lucy

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Thanks, Lucy! I'm thoroughly enjoying meeting like-minded souls like you via my blogging. I'm glad that you're enjoying my blog and sharing this journey of exploration with me.