Friday, 28 March 2008

Ask Mags: Can Dreams Predict The Future?

I had a dream about a week ago, and I think it came true… a few days after the dream a related event happened in my life. It was somewhat similar to my dream, but not exactly the same – different place, different people, but the same general topic. Did I predict the future?

I think that some people do experience prophetic dreams, in which they see an event occurring as it then later unfolds in the physical world. In these cases, the match between the dream and later physical reality is pretty much exact. I’m not sure how and why such dreams occur. One of my theories here is that because time doesn’t exist on the non-physical plane, the dreamer is able to “remember” the future in much the same way as we can remember the past.

However, I think that most dreams that people assume to be prophetic actually aren’t. We exist on different levels – in simple terms these are body, mind and soul. Our body (and our extended physical environment) acts as a mirror, reflecting back to us what is happening at the level of our minds (thoughts). In turn, our mind acts as a mirror, reflecting back to us what is happening at the level of our soul. Because energy is denser on the physical plane, it takes longer for our soul level to be reflected in the physical than it does in the mental plane. These reflections are useful to us when we are working through an issue of some kind in our soul’s development. As our thoughts are accessible to us and effects on our bodies and environment are visible, we can use these reflections to help us see what actions we need to take at soul level to resolve the issue and grow further. As we change and grow on a soul level, so too do our minds and life circumstances change accordingly to reflect the new soul reality. Those of you who have studied The Law Of Attraction and are applying it in your lives, will recognise the principles of those teachings here: thoughts become things, and in turn thoughts reflect our level of conscious awareness and alignment to Divine Energy (such as Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power and Divine Abundance).

So, how does this all relate to dreams? Well, since our soul level is first and foremost reflected in the mind, and this is the level at which dreams take place, it stands to reason that our dreams can provide clues regarding what is happening for us at soul level. When we are out of alignment with Divine Energy, dreams can act as “early warning systems” – if we can pick up on what our dreams are telling us and change our thought patterns, we are likely to resolve our soul level issues at this point. If we ignore our dreams, however, and don’t change our thought patterns, then things and experiences manifest into the physical level that are a vibrational match for us at a soul level. For example, our bodies will get ill, or we will experience negative events in our environment. Of course, if we are in alignment with Divine Energy at a soul level, our dreams and physical reality will also reflect this. For example, alignment with the energy of Divine Abundance is mirrored in an abundant mindset and ultimately results in bodily health and material wealth on the physical plane.

As a result of this, my feeling is that dreams that match a later physical event in terms of broad subject matter only (in other words, the physical event is not a step-by-step and word-for-word reproduction of the dream) are not prophetic. We assume that they are because the dream happened before the physical event, but it is probably more accurate to say that the two are simply effects of the same spiritual cause, one seemingly occurring before the other purely as a result of the fact that it takes longer to manifest things on the denser physical plane.

I'd be interested to hear others' take on the subject - let me know what you think!

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