Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Energy: Some Introductory Thoughts

Us woo-woo folk often like to talk about energy. Some people can see energy in the form of auras. Others can feel energy. Still others can work with it, using energy for example to heal. To me, energy is a tangible thing. I can’t see full human auras (yet!), although I can sometimes see a faint oily/smoky aura around plants, especially trees. My main experience of energy is one of feeling it physically. For example, anger rolls out of people like a strong wave and hits me hard and square on in the chest. It feels like the person has physically shoved me, even though they haven’t touched me with their hands. This happens even if the person concerned is not actually angry with me, but is directing their anger at someone else or at a situation that has frustrated them. Being around an emotionally needy person, on the other hand, feels like I am being coated in a gooey, sticky energy, almost like they are literally trying to bind me to them. And nervous people seem to give out very jagged, spiky energy. It feels all over the place, like little lightning bolts jabbing into me from all directions.

So what is this energy that I and others experience? Is it one of the already known forms of energy recognised by physics? Or is it something completely different? Attempts to identify the nature of psychic energy, or psi, and to prove its existence have been a jumble of successes and failures and contradictory results. All in all, for something that is an accepted part of daily reality for a lot of people, a definitive answer remains elusive.

How do you experience energy in your daily life?


Tom Volkar / Delightful Work said...

Hi Mags,

How do I experience energy in my daily life? That’s a good question. If I find I’m lacking inspiration or positive energy I pause and do a little tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. That’s usually enough of an adjustment to marshal the right stream of energy for me to focus on what I want to focus on. It’s there and flowing and that’s all the understanding I need right now.

Mags said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for the reminder about EFT - it's something I've looked into very briefly, but I want to find out more. It seems to be very beneficial, and I've seen so many people endorse it.

I like your comment "It’s there and flowing and that’s all the understanding I need right now". I sometimes have the feeling that when the scientists eventually work out exactly what this energy "is", that I'll go, "Um, thanks, I appreciate you clarifying for me what I knew from my experience already" :). As long as I'm able to feel energy on a daily basis and use it to interact with the world, I'm happy. I'd miss it if I suddenly couldn't feel it any more!