Friday, 16 May 2008

The Fifth Dimension Is Love

Years ago, long before I’d ever heard of the Law Of Attraction in any way, shape or form, I had a dream about the underlying energy structure of the universe. My dreams generally fall into three categories, each of which has a completely different feel to it – Processing dreams (just the brain tidying up, filing away all the many things it has seen and heard), Symbolic dreams (sleep-time therapy, using a mixture of standard dream symbols and personal imagery that I know how to interpret to find the meaning of the dream sequences), and lastly, Instructional dreams (teachings and messages from spiritual beings, usually one on one). My dream about the energy structure of the universe fell into this third category.

I found myself in a dark space. It felt like a classroom, in that I knew its purpose was a place for teaching and learning, but it didn’t look like an earthly classroom. No walls, no doors, no blackboards. Just a vast dark space. I couldn’t see anyone, least of all myself. I was an awareness without a body. At no point did I feel any fear.

Then I started seeing imagery of the world, but at an energy level, with each person’s current vibrational frequency represented by numbers. Probably the best way of describing what this looked like to me was something similar to the restaurant scene in The Matrix Reloaded, in which Neo, Trinity and Morpheus see everything in that greenish Matrix code. Seeing that made me wonder if the Wachowski brothers ever had a similar instructional dream to mine! As the imagery was presented to me, I came to understand that each person could change their vibrational frequency and that this would have an effect on their physical experiences.

While this understanding seemed to just “download” into my brain, without any words being spoken, there was a spiritual being with me who was speaking to me at the same time. I never saw the being, just heard its voice. The being was androgynous, in that the voice didn’t seem to be clearly male or female. It was, however, far from robotic, and was instead rich, powerful and loving. As the imagery flashed before me, the spiritual being kept on asking me, “Do you understand? Do you understand now?” I can still hear that voice clearly in my head!

As I watched the images, again the understanding was “downloaded” into my head that this energy level was the fourth dimension to the universe, underlying both space and time. As I started to pull away and wake up, I realised that I hadn’t yet asked the next logical question. It popped into my head: “If this is the fourth dimension, then what is the fifth?”

As I woke up, I heard the spiritual being’s voice echoing in my head: “The fifth dimension is love.”


Evelyn Lim | Attraction Mind Map said...

Very interesting sharing you have here!

I've also been having dreams that have provided me much insights about my past. These insights are crucial to my inner healing. I'd be definitely interested to learn more about the power of using dreams.

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Thanks, Evelyn. I'm glad to hear that you're tapping into the power of your dreams already. I'll definitely be posting more about dreams and dreaming soon.

Tim Brownson said...

What if it wasn't a dream, what if it actually happened?

Who's to say what's 'reality' and what's not?

I'm trusting you hadn't been eating those very small mushrooms that grow all over the UK and over-stimulate our senses if we eat too many ;-)

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Hehe :) No, no mushrooms... my reality is "magic" enough without external assistance!

And yes, I call it a dream, but the instructional ones definitely feel more like I've actually gone somewhere real to be taught by a real being. The dream is just the conduit, as it were, to the spiritual realm.

amixa said...

hey mags you mention the metaphysical... have you had dreams of metaphysical objects? i have flashbacks to them and they kinda creep me out (although i have a inkling now that i shouldn't be afraid of them)
i've also had dreams of falling in a dark space or 'travelling' but there would be these graph like structures that I'd be passing by (different colours)
also any sort of abstract moving energy freaks me out..

any clue? please message me on the forums at as i'll prolly forget to come on here and check to see if you replied :P

Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Hi Amixa - Sounds interesting! I'll send you a message on the SP forums to discuss more.