Thursday, 8 May 2008

Deal? Or No Deal?

I love the TV show Deal Or No Deal. I’m pretty sure that it’s available in various countries, but just in case you haven’t ever seen it, you can find a summary of the game here.

Although the contestant pool for the game is constantly changing, this happens slowly as only one person leaves per game to be replaced the next day by a new contestant. As a result, players remain in the game for an average of about 25 shows, and are fairly well known to the audience by the time their turn to play comes around. The show is therefore personal. And yet… it’s not.

It’s personal because we get to know the players’ stories – from people who’ve overcome major life challenges, to those wanting to take their children on the holiday of a lifetime, to students needing to pay off student loans, to couples getting married and buying houses, to retired folk who want to be able to treat their grandchildren and also live comfortably in their old age… every one of them is special. They are good people. We want them to win big. We want them to have the money. We feel that they deserve it. Then they go home with a small amount of money, and we feel disappointed and gutted. It seems so unfair that the Universe should treat them this way after all they’ve been through. It seems so unfair that good people are not rewarded as they should be.

And yet… it’s impersonal because, at the end of the day, it’s all about energy, and energy just is. Each player has a particular energy vibration. The Universe is not out to “get them”, or reward them. The Universe simply matches the vibration of each person’s energy field. Each player’s reality conforms to their energetic alignment. A friendly, caring contestant may leave the show with very little money, not because they are being punished, but simply because they may be energetically aligned with a scarcity mentality. In a game of money, beliefs related to abundance and scarcity are paramount.

This phenomenon is not confined to a show like Deal Or No Deal. It plays out in every aspect of our lives. The reality of our relationships, career, health and financial circumstances simply matches our energetic frequency.

Does the impersonal nature of energy mean that the Universe doesn’t care about us? No – on the contrary, the Universe is loving and supportive. But it doesn’t make decisions related to worthiness or deservingness. God, the angels and our spirit guides want the best for us. They can guide us along our paths, but ultimately we have free will and they cannot make our choices regarding thoughts, beliefs and actions for us.

What this does mean, is that we are empowered to create a life of abundance in every form. Love, happiness, health, wealth – all are choices that we can make freely and hence all are within our reach. The Universe is abundant, and this abundance is available to all of us all of the time, but it is our decision whether to allow that abundance into our reality. The Universe doesn’t withhold its treasure, but sometimes we turn our backs on it.

When the Universe offers you abundance, what will you say? Deal? Or no deal? It's up to you.

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