Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sonia Choquette: Ask Your Guides

In this book, Sonia not only discusses the various angelic influences on our lives, but also goes into detail regarding the different roles that spirit guides can play in our lives, from “runners” who help us with practical details (yes, like finding a parking space!) to those who help us in a teaching capacity to transcend our egos and become more consciously aware.

I bought Sonia’s book about a year ago after a psychic reading in which I was introduced briefly to one of my guides, and it was extremely useful in helping me meet and interact with the various spirits who form my guide team. I would certainly recommend it as an excellent overview of this subject. However, I’d also recommend that you read a variety of sources in this regard. This is mainly because interacting with spirit guides can be like interacting with people on the physical plane – we all have different ways of communicating with others, and what works for one person may not work for another. I certainly found it helpful to read about the different approaches that others have used, and to integrate these into a system that works for me. Ultimately, what matters is developing a strong and clear connection with your guides, and this can be achieved in multiple ways. Apart from Sonia’s work in this regard, I’ve also benefited from the wisdom of Andrea Hess, Slade Roberson and Erin Pavlina. Currently, only Andrea has a book available, but I would encourage you to also visit her blog, as well as those of Slade and Erin.

When it comes to making the decision to buy a book like Sonia’s and invest the time and effort into making a connection with your guides, possibly the most important questions needing answering are: Does it “work”? And is it worth it? The answers are: yes. And yes. It may feel strange at first to attempt to connect to your guides, especially since many people worry when they start whether they are really connecting or just making it all up. It is important to remember here that, because our minds bridge the physical and spiritual worlds, our guides use our thoughts and imaginations to connect with us. We have also been used to our guides presence since they’ve been communicating with us all along – we’ve just called it “a feeling”, or “intuition”. At the start, it can then definitely feel like we are making it up because it seems so “normal” to us – there are no big booming voices from above! As you persevere, though, you will be able to tell the difference between communication from your guides and your own thoughts as they do have different energy signatures. As you learn more about guides from books like Sonia’s, you’ll have personal experience that convinces you that it “works”. And in terms of it being worth the effort… well, the proof is in the pudding! Your life will be enriched by having access to a group of spiritual beings who love you, support you and guide you towards your highest path and purpose.

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