Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Archangels Raguel and Sariel

I had never communicated with Archangels before reading Sonia Choquette’s book Ask Your Guides. However, a little while ago, I had the perfect opportunity to communicate with a couple of them.

It was a Saturday night, and instead of being out on the town enjoying ourselves, my husband and I were at home, primarily because I had a Really Bad Cold. I was not a happy chappy to say the least – congested and feeling quite depleted energy-wise. As a result, despite sleeping most of the day, I was looking forward to an early night.

And then the party started. We currently live in a block of flats, and are fortunate to be blessed with friendly and considerate neighbours. The people living upstairs from us had moved in a couple of months earlier – with their two teenage sons! So far, any fears that we had had of continuous loud music had thankfully not materialised. But when I heard a loud bass rocking through my ceiling and the squeals and screams of teenage girls on the balcony above, I realised that my need for sweet dreams was rapidly becoming a nightmare.

As I sat on the couch feeling quite dejected, I remembered that Sonia had mentioned a couple of Archangels that she had called upon to keep her own children in check. Couldn’t hurt to try it with the teenagers in the flat above me, right?! I looked up the relevant passages in the book: “Raguel – the police officer on the Archangel force – who makes sure that others behave” and “Sariel – keeps things in order.”

I called upon the two Archangels, and asked them to please ensure that the teenagers upstairs remained considerate of others. As this was the first party they had had in the two months that they had been living upstairs, I stated that I was happy for it to continue for a little bit (it was now about 9pm, and the party had been going since about 8pm), but then I’d appreciate it coming to an end. As I felt a bit bad calling a complete halt to the teenagers’ fun, I asked if a compromise was possible – perhaps they could leave this party soon and all move on to another. Talking to the Archangels felt a bit like communicating with my spirit guides – I was “talking” in my head, and receiving replies back the same way. It’s not like hearing a voice external to me – the thought arrives fully formed in my head, and it’s more of an impression than hearing specific words. In this case, I “heard” the Archangels reply that the teenagers would all leave at 10:30pm.

I got into bed at about 10pm, and was reading a book when I heard a door slam upstairs. Then I heard lots of feet and the block’s external door open and close. The music upstairs had stopped, and the teenagers were all moving on to somewhere else. The time? 10:30pm exactly! I had a fleeting worry about whether they would all come back again in the wee hours of the morning. But then I heard in my head “No, they won’t be back. Sleep tight!”. I did indeed sleep tight that night – in the arms of the angels :).

Luckily, I’ve not had to call on Raguel and Sariel for a while. But yesterday I had a chance to renew my acquaintance. Outside our flat (we’re on the ground floor) is a piece of ground that is technically communal, but since it is at the end of the block and isn’t a through route to anywhere else, hardly anyone uses it. The developers of our block, in their wisdom, decided that pebbles would be a good way to fill in much of the space, and on the odd occasions that kiddies do wander down there, these are irresistible to them. They haven’t done any major damage yet, but they do like to throw the stones at each other as well as into the parking lot to see how far they’ll go. For the most part, kiddies run away when they see us coming to find out what is going on, but yesterday a group of teenagers (not the ones from upstairs!) decided to congregate there and throw stones. Rather than confronting them, I called on Raguel and Sariel!

It was 3:25 pm when I made my request that the teenagers move on from this piece of ground. I “heard” the response that I was not to worry, they would leave by 3:30. Five minutes?! That would be cool, I thought, but wondered how this was going to happen. But Raguel and Sariel did it – five minutes later, the teenagers just suddenly stopped what they were doing, and trooped off quietly! I, in the meantime, did a little Dance Of Joy :). Thank you Raguel and Sariel!


Shilpan said...

I am a hotelier and I've been through these situations quite a few times. I've always used statement - "Hey, please stop making noise otherwise someone is angry and ready to call cops" All of sudden, noise stops for good.

Good blog.


Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Hi Shilpan
The hotel industry must provide many opportunities to learn about people and energy!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the blog :)