Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gordon Smith: Through My Eyes

Gordon Smith is a barber in Glasgow, Scotland. But he’s no ordinary barber, juggling this job with his other work as “Britain’s most accurate medium”, a description derived from his ability to provide specific names and exact dates rather than the vague impressions often conveyed by mediums.

I’ve only seen Gordon in action once before, on a South African television programme, a talk show called Noeleen after the host. At the start of the programme, I was looking forward to seeing Gordon’s accuracy in action. By the end of the programme, I was disappointed. The people who phoned in to the show seemed fairly happy with the information that they received, but I was left feeling unsatisfied with the quick rushed feeling to the readings and the lack of depth. It was therefore incredibly interesting for me to read Gordon’s own account of the show in Though My Eyes, in which he talks candidly about his reluctance to do what he calls “McMessages” and how he abandoned his principles in this regard when asked to provide readings on Noeleen’s show.

Gordon’s regret over succumbing to McMessages in South Africa and his commitment to providing proper in-depth readings for those who have lost a loved one, is far more reflective of his spirit and the energy that surrounds his writing. Overall, Gordon comes across as loving and very down-to-earth, and the overall feeling that I experienced while reading Through My Eyes was one of comfort. In this book, Gordon not only describes what he experiences when communicating with spirits, but also covers the most common concerns that people have about what happens to their loved ones after physical death and about how to continue to live after bereavement. For example, Gordon discusses subjects such as the resolution of “unfinished business” in one’s relationship with the deceased, how spirits communicate with their loved ones to let them know that they are okay, and why messages from spirits are sometimes delayed until the time is right for them to be expressed.

Throughout the book, Gordon’s message is inspirational and healing, allowing people to progress through the process of grieving in a healthy manner instead of torturing themselves with feelings of guilt and anger. Each chapter contains many examples from Gordon’s experiences as a medium, fascinating in themselves, but also used to good effect to illustrate the information about death, dying and living contained in this book.


Lucy Lopez said...

What a well-written post! It is a useful aspect of the 'business' of medium-ship to explore.

I remember once listening to a recording of a call-in to Doreen Virtue's program at Hay House. On several occasions, callers contradicted DV's comments/information. It made me wonder how valuable/accurate the information she was providing actually was.

I believe that we can access information that is not generally apparent to the 'un-tuned' mind. I know I do it too and in fact, I offer intuitive readings using the Tarot. I have not been able to do this with the speed and specificity (dates/times) that others claim to be able to. I am not saying it's not possible, only that I haven't yet done it nor feel compelled/guided to.

I don't consider the information that I provide vague especially because it deals with other particulars such as the people and situations involved and the thoughts and feelings that seem to underpin so many of their life events.

Just thought I would share that :-)


Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Thanks, Lucy.

I sounds as though you have a gift for connecting with Source energy to help others. I think it is still possible to be very accurate regarding events in people's lives even if you are not able to provide specific names.

You have a beautiful site, by the way. And your poetry is wonderfully evocative.