Monday, 2 June 2008

Developing A Relationship With Your Spirit Guides (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part series of consciously communicating with your spirit guides. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, you can find it here.

Will I be able to see my guides? What do they look like?
Some people may be able to see their guides with their physical eyes, but most people usually only see their guides in their “mind’s eye”. It is similar to the visual that you see in your head when you think about a friend who is currently not physically present. I can picture my guides’ faces and clothes, although this is more a representation that they and I seem to have decided upon rather than what they “really” look like. While what I am seeing in my mind’s eye may be how my guides appeared when they were in physical form, this is less important than their identifying energy signature.

Each guide “feels” different on an energy level, and so I can tell who I’m communicating with by means of this energy signature. To me this energy is tangible in that I can sense my guides standing next to or behind me. Far from being scary, their presence is loving and supportive. Probably the best way of explaining what this sensation is like is to ask you if you are able to “feel” when someone is standing next to you (in the physical world)? Even if you had your eyes closed and the person moved quietly into your physical space, you would probably be aware that they were there by picking up on their energy field, or through even subtle changes in the air around you.

Do my guides have names?
Guides don’t have names in the way that we use names here on earth. As with the answer to the question above, what is most important is their energy signature. That said, in order to facilitate their communication with us, our guides will either give us a name that we can use to identify them, or allow us to pick a name that we feel comfortable using for them. Either way, guides’ names end up ranging from the exotic to the ordinary. Your guide is no less of a guide if his name is Joe Schmoe rather than something that sounds like it comes from ancient Lemuria. Since they don’t have any ego attachments to their names, guides really don’t mind what you call them. Their only concern is that it helps you to connect to them.

I thought I’d connected with my guide, but he turned out to have a really wacky sense of humour… aren’t guides supposed to be all serious?
Guides take their roles and responsibilities seriously, but they are by no means dour automatons! They have individual “personalities” and are often humorous, especially when it helps you to get the message that they are conveying. In your guide team, you will probably find a mixture of characters – some may be goofy, others gentle, some more on the solemn side, others lively and cheerful. What permeates all their characters, however, is a deep and profound sense of love and support for you.

My guide seems to like to insult me… I didn’t think guides were supposed to be mean?
They’re not. As I’ve just mentioned in the previous question, guides are loving spiritual beings. They are not mean, they do not convey their messages via insults and they do not belittle or criticise you. If your conversations with your guide are negative in tone, it is possible that you are not talking to your guide at all. Either your own egoic voice (the critic in our heads) is strong and drowning out your guides, or you may be chatting to a lower level entity posing as your guide.

If you are concerned that it may be the latter, check the authenticity of your “guide” by asking them if they are aligned with Divine Love and are working for your highest good. A real spirit guide will not mind the question at all and will answer unhesitatingly in the affirmative. If the entity answers no, hesitates, or does a better job of evading the question than a politician put on the spot, then you have encountered a lower level being. Simply tell them firmly to go away and not to return – your energetic space is just as much yours as is your physical space and you are entitled to do this. They have to obey!

Please don’t be unduly worried about attracting a lower level or negative entity. Most of us are positive enough that our vibrations don’t attract such beings. If you are feeling in a negative emotional state, however, consider using some protective techniques, such as surrounding yourself with white light, before opening up the lines of communication with your guides.


Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

Mags, these have been two great articles! Very, very insightful! The only thing I would disagree with is to not be concerned with attracting negative or low-level entities. I have a truly phenomenally evolved clientele, and I still consistently have to clear negative entity attachments for them, some of which include negative Guides.

Negativity thrives on staying hidden - that's how it can continue to affect us. Unfortunately, most people, even those who are highly evolved and aware, don't recognize it when negative entities are attached.

All I can say is - if we're not fully able to live our purpose in an abundant, joyful way and access the fullness of our spiritual resources - then there is some negativity in play.

I love that you bring up how Spirit Guides have personalities and use humor - so true!


Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Thanks, Andrea - I appreciate your kind words. It means a lot to me coming from you!

Thanks also for your input on negative entities. My own experience with the spirit world has been largely positive and benevolent and it is very rare that I feel a presence that causes me any unease, but I do accept that such entities exist and can insinuate their way into people's lives.

I've often come across people who dearly wish to develop a relationship with their spirit guides, yet are paralysed by fear that they will be bombarded by negative entities the second they open up. I hope that I was able to provide some reassurance to people that they have a bit more control over the experience than their fears would have them believe. But ultimately, the lesson is to listen to your instincts about whether an entity is trustworthy or not (much like you would get a "feel" for someone in the physical world), and to exercise some discernment in who you let into your energetic space.

Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

I agree with you, Mags! Far better to open up to our Guides than to be paralyzed by fear that we will encounter negativity.

I have a little trick that works 100% for distinguishing positive from negative entities. When coming into contact with any entity, ask it: "Is your Being in alignment with Divine Love, Light, and Truth?" The answer should be immediate and positive. Then you're dealing with a positive entity.

If the answer is evasive, or not forthcoming, then this is not a positive entity. Send it away!

The great thing is that NO discorporate entity is anything to fear. As embodied Souls in this dimension, we're the boss! :-)


Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom said...

Indeed! I like being the boss ;)

Any time that I feel a bit uneasy about an entity (thankfully rare, but it happens now and then), I ask the question you mentioned. It's often enough by itself to immediately dissolve any negative energy hanging around!